Regenerative medicine is the medicine of the future.

It is time that we go back to the origin.

Instead of throwing drugs to target a few simple biological links we’ve managed to understand, it is time that we use the full intelligence of nature to address the web of relationships in the body.

Regenerative medicine uses the natural healing mechanisms of the body, be it stem cells, growth factors, hormones or other agents, to help the body repair and regenerate…

Our center stays at the forefront of regenerative medicine, firmly grounded in the the latest scientific knowledge, clinical evidence and cutting-edge technology.

Welcome to THEA Center for Regenerative Medicine

CEO of THEA Center for Regenerative Medicine.

THEA Center for Regenerative Medicine provides a new kind of healthcare that represents the future: we foster health in a holistic, preventative, and science-driven manner. We utilize the most up-to-date scientific data, treat each person as a unique individual, with unique micronutrient requirements, genetic codes, gut flora compositions, history of toxic exposures, and hormone variations.

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