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Integrative Therapies

The body is a “WEB,” not “multiple unrelated intersections of LINES of relationships.” The sooner we can recognize this, the sooner we can make transformative changes in people’s lives. At Thea, we strive to do just that.

We treat the body as a COMPLEX WHOLE, and address multiple components and systems at the SAME TIME. Through integrative approaches in our investigation, we decipher a person’s nutritional & hormonal status, cardiovascular function, genetic makeup, toxicity, food sensitivities, microbiome imbalances, and immune dysregulations, etc.

By uncovering problematic loci in this complex web, we are able to address them by offering safe, innovative and holistic treatments that address the root causes of dysfunction. Through these tailored integrative treatments we improve the quality of life and support longevity. Some of the treatments we offer include IV vitamin therapy, Ozone therapy, NAD+ infusions, Glutathione, Poly-MVA and Plaquex therapies, as well as nutritional supplements.

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