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Stem Cell Therapy

As one of the leading regenerative medicine centers in the U.S., we select the HIGHEST QUALITY stem cell products that is FDA-compliant, and create tailored tissue transplant protocols for each individual. We are results-driven, and deliver our care with integrity and compassion.

Dr. Kong is well-known nationally as a pioneer in regenerative medicine, and was voted Top Stem Cell Doctor of the Year in 2019, and Top Stem Cell Doctor of the Decade in 2021. Two types of patients come to our clinic to seek stem cell therapy: people who suffer from chronic diseases and have received inadequate help from traditional medical approaches, and people who are already healthy, but want to enjoy vibrant health and maintain youthfulness.

Stem cell treatments at Thea CRM include multiple modes of delivery to optimize patient outcome, whether it is for musculoskeletal health, hair or skin rejuvenation, sexual wellness or overall health/wellness.

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