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Chronic Pain

Below is a sample of existing clinical evidence:
“A single systemic injection of hMSCs (human Mesenchymal Stem Cells) into the tail vein was able to reduce NP-like behaviors and to modify molecular and cellular pain-associated pathways… hMSCs were able to reduce pain-like behaviors, such as mechanical allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia, once injected into the tail vein. An anti-nociceptive effect was detectable from day 11 post surgery (7 days post cell injection). hMSCs were mainly able to home in the spinal cord and pre-frontal cortex of neuropathic mice.”

– “Long lasting effects of hMSC systemic administration on pain-like behaviors, cellular & biomolecular modificaiton in neuropathic mice,” Siniscalco et al, Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 2011

For further information regarding regenerative medicine, please refer to information provided by American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy (AAICT).